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Mayama wakes up to find Morita and a bound Takemoto sleeping beside him. In fact, Morita’s not only been living with Mayama, he’s also started to wear his clothes. And he won’t even shower, not even in the one Mayama constructed for him. At school, Yamada can tell that Morita is wearing Mayama’s clothes. He says that he’s also wearing Mayama’s underwear, but before he can show her, Yamada knocks some sense into him. Yamada wonders to Takemoto why Mayama hasn’t moved out yet, since he now has a stable job. Takemoto replies that there’s something Mayama wants to get. In that regard, Yamada feels left behind in Mayama’s dreams. Hagu-chan interrupts the two of them with some new pictures of her. Morita immediately makes a poster out of it and runs off with Hagu-chan chasing behind him. Just as Yamada and Takemoto are thinking that Hagu-chan is growing up, a ghostly figure shows up at the door. It turns out to be Hanamoto-sensei, who’s returned early from his trip. After a touching reunion, the group ends up having a party. Tokudaiji-sensei can’t stop talking about how Hanamoto-sensei kept crying out for Hagu-chan when he was gone. Hanamoto-sensei brought back a bunch of stuff from Mongolia, including a Morin Khuur (a horse headed fiddle). Morita immediately asks for it and starts playing a beautiful song that impresses everyone.
The next day, as Takemoto is helping Hanamoto-sensei with his work, Hagu-chan arrives and asks Hanamoto-sensei to take her to the art shop. He’s busy, so Morita offers to take her. Hanamoto-sensei asks Takemoto when Hagu-chan became so friendly with Morita. As he’s replying Takemoto remembers what Mayama said earlier about fighting for important things. With Morita, Hagu-chan is embarrassed and nervous to no end the entire time. She arrives back at school crying, saying that she only wants to go with Hanamoto-sensei.

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