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When everyone learns that Morita has gone to America, they insist on seeing his room, and so Takemoto shows them. He remembers what Morita’s brother asked him, and relays the question to Hagu-chan: whether she wants Morita to come back or not. She replies that she doesn’t, that she wants him to do his best at what he’s working on. Later, she resumes working on her art fervently, and Takemoto and Yamada observe that her mannerisms are being more grown up, even more manly. After Hagu-chan breaks her squeegee and takes a break, Yamada suggests that they go see the fireworks together. Takemoto calls up Mayama and Hanamoto-sensei convinces him that he wants to come. At the Yamada household, after much hassle, Hagu-chan and Yamada pick out yukata that make them look mature and sexy. When they get to the festivities, Yamada constantly worried about how she looks until Mayama sees her and comments that she looks nice. She feels immensly glad that she went through all the trouble, if just for a compliment from him.

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