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Mayama has a dream about Rika faintly calling his name. His coworkers tell him that it must mean that she wants to see him a thought which he brushes off. After his firm lands a major contract, he and his coworkers go out to have a drink, passing by a fountain. Mayama later realizes that Rika was standing on the other side and rushes back, but she’s gone. Later, as everyone is talking about Rika’s husband, Mayama feels left out as the only one who didn’t know him when he was alive. His boss, Nomiya-san, wants Mayama to introduce him to Yamada, but Mayama excuses his way out of it, mentioning that he’ll be with his friends at an upcoming festival. Lo and behold, his coworkers show up at the festival. Nomiya starts to win prizes for Yamada causing Mayama to grow protective, but he realizes that he just wants her to have a happy life. The next day, he finds Nomiya working on pottery with Yamada. The two start fighting but Yamada smacks them both in the head.

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