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Honey and Clover - 18 - 40
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Honey and Clover - 18 - 52

Morita appears on the awards show, accepts his award, then starts to rave about how the director abandoned him. Everyone is shocked to see him on TV, but become even more shocked when Morita pops out from behind the curtain beside Takemoto’s bed. Their yelling and screaming gets them kicked out of the hospital, but they manage to retrieve Morita the next morning. Apparently the awards show was pre-recorded and Morita had already flown back to Japan by the time it aired. While Hanamoto-sensei drags Morita off to finish his graduation project, Mayama and Yamada go off in the opposite direction. They talk about his new job and workplace, but pause at an awkward part in the conversation. Yamada runs off frustrated at herself for not being able to say what she wants and for letting it all bother her so much. Meanwhile, at school, Morita presents Professor Tange with his award trophy as his graduation project. Tange lectures him about wasting his talent and says that he’ll only accept a sculpture. When Morita shows him that the award is actually a hand-made sculpture, Tange has no choice but to pass him. That night, after a graduation celebration, Morita carries Professor Tange home, accompanied by the entire group. Takemoto is sad that Morita is graduating, but continues on into the new year. He is walking to school with Hagu-chan, Yamada, and Hanamoto-sensei when Morita shows up again. It seems that he re-registered for school so that he could keep learning.

Episode 17 Episode 19

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