Honey and Clover - 19 - 12
Honey and Clover - 19 - 24
Honey and Clover - 19 - 26

Mayama finds Yamada working as a consultant for Fujiwara Design with Nomiya. Angry, he confronts Nomiya about his feelings for Yamada, asking if he really likes her. Mayama feels that he’d be more at ease if Nomiya acts more serious. At school, Takemoto is still unsure of what to make of Morita’s return. He wants to dislike Morita because of Hagu-chan, but instead finds that he’s happy when he’s around him. Sakura season soon comes again, and everyone is out watching the petals fall. The mention of Rika from Mayama’s coworkers causes a semi-drunk Yamada to leave, though Mayama goes after her. She gets angry at him for wanting to leave to go back to work while wanting her to stay. Nomiya walks in on the fight, and Yamada takes the opportunity to use Nomiya to run away. He leads her to his car, then drives off. However, when she says she wants to go home, he instead confronts her about her feelings, hitting several nerves. When she starts crying, Nomiya parks the car and takes her for a walk. At the same time, Mayama is out drinking with his coworkers and Morita. They make Mayama realize that he and Nomiya are similar in many ways. On the upper floor of a building, Nomiya tells Yamada about how he often came to watch the ferris wheel across from them. Yamada remembers when she rode a ferris wheel with Mayama that time long ago. She eventually breaks down and admits that she keeps hoping that Rika and Mayama would break up. The night turns into morning and Yamada wakes up in a bed beside Nomiya. She starts freaking out, but Nomiya tells her not to worry, saying that they should ride the ferris wheel that they were admiring all night.

Honey and Clover - 19 - 41 Honey and Clover - 19 - 43 Honey and Clover - 19 - 48

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