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Yamada, who is reeking of alcohol, is taken home by Miwako after a Ferris wheel ride in Yokohama with Nomiya. Mayama, after heard about it when Nomiya called Miwako early in the morning, feels relieved because he knows that Ferris wheels are something Nomiya holds close to his heart. In her workshop, Yamada, who is still feeling depressed over her unrequited love, is confronted by Morita who makes her realize that she was the one being worried about. Crying, she counters back by saying that he left for an entire year without contact. Morita simply apologizes, holding her hand and comforting her. The next day, Takemoto discusses Hagu-chan’s future with Hanamoto-sensei. She apparently wants to live in the countryside, earning enough from art to get by. Morita, who walks in on Hagu-chan in front of two blank canvases, is able to guess what direction she’s going and rushes to question Hanamoto-sensei on why he’s allowing her to go that way. Morita believes that she can be much more, but Hanamoto-sensei says that famous female artists are typically unhappy in life. Their argument starts Hanamoto-sensei thinking about what is really best for Hagu-chan’s future. At Fujiwara Design, Mayama is the topic once again. Nomiya is really starting to feel that he and Mayama are alike and learns that Mayama looks up to him as his ideal self. Back at the college, Yamada’s sensei advises her that working hard can produce the answers you’re looking for. Elsewhere, Takemoto finds Hagu-chan crying in front of the two blank canvases. He leaves without speaking to her, knowing that there’s nothing he can do or say to make things better.

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