Honey and Clover - 22 - 03 Honey and Clover - 22 - 10 Honey and Clover - 22 - 35

Takemoto is still traveling around the countryside, asking for water wherever he can and buying food with his savings. He bikes all the way to Matsushima before the chain on his bicycle breaks. After falling asleep in front of a shrine, he’s found and taken in by a group of repairmen. They offer him some food and, after a little convincing, some work too. Back in Tokyo, Hagu-chan is concerned for Takemoto, but has her own future plans to worry about also. Certain faculty members don’t think that she’s making the right decision in wanting to return to the countryside after graduation. Meanwhile, Yamada delivers some pottery to Fujiwara Design, only to run into Rika on the way in. Yamada can’t help but notice how delicate Rika is.

Honey and Clover - 22 - 19 Honey and Clover - 22 - 24 Honey and Clover - 22 - 27

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