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To make enough money to buy a new bicycle, Takemoto will need to work for 10 days. However, he finds himself mostly useless to the repair crew, working mostly as their cook. Back home, Rika wants to hire Yamada to make more pottery despite Mayama’s efforts to keep them apart. Miwako advises Mayama to let Yamada see him around Rika, and he worries about how to let her off gently. Meanwhile, Takemoto has finished his 10 days work, and Rokutaru makes it known that he wants Takemoto to leave. The chief returns and advises Takemoto that he should continue riding. After a walk and talk with Shin, Takemoto realizes that he can’t be scared and should keep going. The day he leaves, the group sends him off with several parting gifts, including a free bike.

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