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It is late summer. Yūta, Takumi, and Shinobu are coming back from an evening bath when Yūta receives a phone call from Hagu inviting them all over for dinner the next evening. Takumi and Shinobu decide not to go, leaving Yūta to have dinner with Hagu and Shūji. Meanwhile, Takumi has developed feelings for Rika Harada, an older woman who is good friends with Hanamoto, and is also Takumi's boss. Ayumi Yamada, a friend of Takumi who has a crush on him, finds out about this and publicly chastises him for it. Later, Ayumi approaches Takumi and asks why he works for Rika without mentioning his feelings for Rika. However, Takumi coldly tells Ayumi that she should find another guy. Ayumi is deeply hurt and cries about it to Shinobu.

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