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Takumi continues to battle over his feelings for Rika and his feelings for Ayumi. Meanwhile, Hagu is overwhelmed by other people's expectations of her artistic ability. The next day, Shinobu invites Yūta, Takumi, Hagu, Shūji, and Ayumi to a Christmas party. Yūta and Hagu go Christmas shopping, and it is revealed that Yūta does not really like Christmas. Takumi visits Rika and learns that she is going out with Shūji. The night of the Christmas party comes, and everyone has a good time. Takumi arrives late, and the party has become a little crazy. Takumi steps out to meet Shūji, and asks where Rika is. Shūji replies that she is at her husband's, meaning that Rika is visiting the grave of her husband. Hagu interrupts their conversation, and Takumi and Shūji join the party. At the end of the party, Takumi stays to clean up, and Shūji takes everyone else home. Takumi stands by the window and thinks wistfully of Rika, and then Ayumi. Shinobu startles Takumi out of his reverie, and the two drink. Yūta is asleep, dreaming of a happy Christmas with himself and Hagu.

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