Yūta, Hagu, Shinobu, Takumi, Ayumi, and Shūji go to the zoo. Shūji talks to Takumi and tells him about Rika's husband. Shūji lived with Rika her husband, and was very close to both of them. When Rika's husband died in an accident, Shūji took care of Rika, as she suffered major injuries in the accident. Shūji also tells Takumi that Rika is hiring someone to replace Takumi. This is because Rika believes Takumi will get the job he applied for, but it is also because she has feelings for him, and it is too painful to have him around her. Later, Ayumi decides to stay at the school as a graduate student. Takumi is notified that he has received a job at the place he applied to. Yūta, Hagu, Shinobu, Takumi, Ayumi, and Shūji have a party to celebrate. Takumi carries a drunken Ayumi home on his back and tells her that he thought she would leave if he turned her down. Ayumi begins crying and tells him she loves him.

Episode 5 Episode 7

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