Shūji is offered to travel with his old teacher for one year to gather research and survey material for a new book, and offers to bring Hagu along for the trip. Hagu refuses, stating she won't be lonely because she now has friends, which is a stark contrast to Shūji's recollection of Hagu's life prior to coming to the art school. Meanwhile, Takumi bids Rika farewell when she learns he has been hired and started working at the Fujiwara Design Office, promising he would be back one day. Before Shūji's farewell party, Hagu tries to find a four-leaf clover to give Shūji as a good luck charm, to which everyone coincidentally passes by and helps out to find. Ultimately, they are unsuccessful, although Shūji's appreciates the effort and Yūta cherishes the memory of that day.

Episode 6 Episode 8

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