Ayumi has moved in with Hagu, and the two invite Yūta, Shinobu, and Takumi over for a strange dinner. It's shown to humorous effect that Hagu and Shūji greatly miss each other. After dinner, Takumi asks why they are gathered together, and no one seems to know. Yūta replies that it's his birthday, and everyone is very embarrassed. They all attempt to make up for it. Shinobu makes a Twister mat and cards with too many colors, and he and Yūta become hopelessly entangled in it. Shinobu makes a joke about Takumi's stalking, and Takumi leaves. Ayumi sees him off. After Takumi has left, Ayumi looks up at the sky and wonders how to give up on Takumi, and whether it's worth it. Takumi, meanwhile, sits and stares at Rika's window. The next day, Ayumi has to leave Hagu alone in the apartment for a night. Yūta remembers that he made it through his first night alone because of his friends, so he goes to visit Hagu. The two sit and talk late into the night.

Episode 7 Episode 9

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