Shinobu makes and discreetly gives Hagu a brooch she wanted, while Yūta fights feelings of jealousy and whether or not to tell Hagu who gave the brooch to her. Ayumi also thanks Shinobu for bailing her out of a situation where she awkwardly tried to casually say that she loves Takumi. Christmas arrives, and Hagu begins her first part-time job by helping Ayumi in the local shopping district. Yūta is asked to help with decorations when Hagu and the shopping district try to win back business from a competing supermarket chain, and Yūta has a change of heart over how he feels about Christmas. He also attempts to tell Hagu about the brooch during the ensuing Christmas party, but is interrupted by Shinobu who tells Hagu herself that there's no deep meaning to it.

Episode 8 Episode 10

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