Before Takumi starting working at the Fujiwara Design Office, Miwako becomes upset to see Yamazaki in a fashion magazine. It is explained that Miwako bought a shirt for Yamazaki as a practical joke device. However, the shirt seems to suit him well. Each day, Miwako attempts to give Yamazaki another shirt as a practical joke device, but she again fails to humiliate him, seeing him displayed the same fashion magazine. After Shinobu returned from America, Takumi plays shogi with Shūji. When Yūta and Hagu arrive, they all converse about Ayumi in parties. It is explanied that Ayumi is the most attractive girl in every party, but she experiences love sickness after becoming drunk. Moreover, Takumi becomes responsible for caring for Ayumi after every party. They then talk about Takumi time in the office. It is explained that Yamazaki was invited to a party. Miwako still becomes obsessed in trying to humiliate Yamazaki, only for him to be invited to many parties due to his popularity. Takumi and Shūji, not realizing that Yūta and Hagu both departed, ended up calling it a night, only to see Shinobu right in front of them.

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