Yūta, Shinobu, Takumi, and Shūji all reminisce about Lohmeyer, a friend of theirs. In a flashback, it is revealed that he is a large, bulky guy, and known for his generosity and his kindness. He brings tons of meat to them, as the four happily ask for more. Until one day, Lohmeyer disappears, leaving the four in major depression and sorrow. In the present, Yūta and Takumi go to an amusement park. Takumi explains the history and design of the amusement park as well as its mascot, leaving Yūta in total shock. The suit of the mascot, ironically, was worn by Lohmeyer at the time. Takumi says that Lohmeyer as the mascot attracted many of the adults more than the children, because of his personality. Yūta then wonders about Lohmeyer as the mascot of the amusement park. However, Yūta, Hagu, Takumi, and Ayumi are surprised to discover that Shinobu is the new wearer of the suit of the mascot.

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