A largely absent dorm-mate of the others. A burly, large, buff and kind-hearted giant of an individual, 'Lohmeyer-sempai' (as he is yearningly referred to), is a man of men's dreams (Mayama questions his devotion to Rika at one point). He is the series' taboo response to the age-old inquiry that if strong and able men are the source of security to women, then who is the source of security to men? (stronger, bigger and even more able men). He often returns with a substantial amount of meat for the others, an almost symbolic gesture of his manliness and ability to provide. He worked part time as Nyanzaburou the mascot for an amusement park which upped the charts on visitors. Because of his father's condition, he is often away from his apartment, to the misfortune of its male residents.

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