Shueisha Girls Remix
Book information
Illustrator Chica Umino
Publishers Shueisha
Published from 2006 - 2008

Shueisha Remix (集英社リミックス Shūeisha Rimikkusu) is a Kanzenban magazine published by Shueisha. There are four lines of Shueisha Remix: Shueisha Jump Remix, Shueisha Girls Remix, Shueisha Home Remix and Shueisha International Remix.

Shueisha published six issues in the Shueisha Girls Remix line based on Honey and Clover. The first published in 2006 was dedicated to the Honey and Clover film. The next five were all dedicated to the Japanese drama adaptation of Honey and Clover.

A set of six was published in March 2008.[1]



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